Welcome to the world of Tareloch!

A world not unlike our own but with a hearty level of high fantasy and imagination blended in. This site is (being) designed to better help you understand the world and its inhabitants, keep a journal of progress in regards to campaigns, and to generally help flesh the world out.

Tareloch consists of many different species, not only bestial and mythic but many sentient and humanoid. Alongside the typical high fantasy races, players will come across whole cultures and cities dedicated to specific sentient life forms that may or may not be accepting of the foreigners.

Maybe more importantly, I want to make this game fun and exciting for all involved. Having said that, I have lofty plans for future adventures and ask that everyone be open to new & experimental gameplay.

Getting Started: A quick guide to Tareloch!

The Continents of Tareloch

Major Affiliations and Groups

The Pantheon Deities

Make sure to check out Player Races and Player Classes – All of which are official & found in players handbooks


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