When legends are born...

As Glorfindel and Talyn ventured further and further into the caverns they became more capable of dispatching their myconid foes, eventually besting one of the most brutal variants. With the killing of the Myconid sovereign-guard, the duo found their first real spoils of adventure; a powerful healing elixer, two pheonix downs and gauntlets the allowed for a quick counterattack. They decided it would be best to set up camp as the next area most likely held the beast they were looking for…

A night passed and the men went unharmed. They quickly prepared themselves for the day and set off into the burrowed out depths that awaited them. As they progressed they found more and more pieces of insectoid that matched the description of the beast they were hunting and sure enough, they would come to find something had beaten them to the punch. As they climbed out of the scarred earth onto level ground and what appeared to be an open area with tunnels weaving all around it, they saw the remains of their mark being devoured by a young purple dragon. It seemed that the Dragon was aware of their presence before they were aware of his and simply stared at them as he finished his meal.

As it seems to always be the case, Talyn, friend to dragons, attempted to speak with the beast before any violence broke out and thankfully, the dragon was a willing participant. The beast, known as Nalvanthas, questioned the intelligence and tenacity of the men for entering into the lair of a Dragon; they must have a death wish or an incredibly good reason for disturbing a beast of such esteem. Talyn explained their mission and tried his best to avoid confrontation but Nalvanthas already had plans for the men: He explained that if they could bring him the princess of Korallis, Nalyssa alive, he would allow them to live but otherwise he would kill them on the spot or, if they thought of betraying him, hunt them down. The men couldn’t bare to kidnap a princess and deliver her to a monster so, in an instant, diplomacy ended and combat began. The men fought the dragon valiantly and did everything in their power to vanquish the beast although the process was quite painful: Glorfindel fell victim to the dragon’s dominating mind control and ended up attacking Talyn, both elixer and pheonix down had to be used to keep the men alive, and Talyn went through his entire day’s worth of healing supplies. Despite the difficulty, the duo persisted and survived- slaying the dragon and showing the world they were ready for greater deeds. As the men recovered, they took as much of the dragon as they could, believing that dragon parts may serve them well in the future. Along with the actual body parts, the duo discovered the dragons hoard which consisted of several magical items and a hefty amount of riches… Slaying a dragon proved to be quite profitable…

The men left the lair but not without one last hitch; as Talyn walked over the decaying remains of the Ankheg that Nalvanthas ate, a strange worm struck him in the neck and burrowed through his skin, binding itself within his throat and to his tongue, an odd sight to be sure but it seemed it would end up being somewhat beneficial…(?)

Talyn and Glorfindel returned to the King and told him of their exploits. Needless to say, King Borgadus Amicus was thoroughly impressed and wanted to reward them as well as involve them further in the business of Korallis. He told the duo about Prince Joragus and how he was lost as an infant to Gloomrot disease… His wife, the late queen could not stand for the loss of her child and made a deal with a demon to bring back their son. The queen traded her life for the revival of the prince along with the infusion of the demon into the boy. From that day on, the King worked tirelessly to make sure that Joragus had in him the best values of Korallis and the Amicus family. By any measure, it appears that the demon within is akin to a teifling, trying to be accepted in a world where demons are seen as evil outsiders… Beyond this knowledge, King Amicus asked if Talyn and Glorfindel would become official Dragonslayers of Korallis, an honorary position held by the most elite warriors in all of the lands. The men had heavy hearts about their decision and told the King they would need to consider all options before them but would have an answer at the parade(being held in their honor) the next day.

Before the day ended, the men checked around town to see if anyone could do anything with the dragon components they had obtained; a smith named Hallus informed Glorfindel that it would be possible to craft armor if he had the right metal (hellicon metal) and Archon blood. The scales were left with the smith and Glorfindel moved on… Similarly, Talyn asked around town to see if anything could be made from the dragon talons that he had removed, he paid 20 gold to the local alchemist to do heavy research and contact him as soon as anything is discovered. Finally, the men inspected the property that they had aquired through a deed found in the dragon’s hoard. A large, four-story tower that had not been used in ages… As the men walked in, the tower seemed to ‘recognize’ them as the new owners and activated its inside mechanisms… The first floor was a fairly barren room holding what one would expect to find in any home upon first entering it; however in the center taking up most of the area was a platform with a console mounted on top of it that seemingly controlled the position of the platform inside of the tower (aka elevator). The men hopped on and ascended to the second floor… The Second floor was a massive dojo; a training room for warriors of all kinds and a perfect fit for Glorfindel. He would step off at this level and check things out further as Talyn ascended to floor three. As soon as the Elevator made it to the next floor, Glorfindel felt an odd sensation, one of arcane nature overtake him and his surroundings. It seemed that this floor held power over the flow of time and allowed him to train himself to better handle a two-handed weapon. Minutes outside of the tower acted as months on the second floor and as Talyn finally came back down from inspecting the rest of the tower, Glorfindel had mastered an array of new exploits with his newly acquired greatsword…

Talyn on the other hand made his way to the third floor and found what was most likely a magi’s study; it served as a library as well as a workshop for rituals, alchemy and artificing. This room held no “magical properties” as the dojo but would serve Talyn well in the future. Finally the fourth and top floor served as both a saferoom and a launch pad for flying mounts. The safe room held magical hearth properties, bestowing a state of rest to any that entered it.

This tower had much potential for the team and for now would serve as a top-notch headquarters and safehaven.

The day of celebration: Talyn and Glorfindel rode atop a massive elephant accompanied by the entire royal family; King, prince and princess. As they rode through the city, the King prompted them for an answer: Would they become Dragonslayers? Glorfindel quickly accepted the mantle and presented the King with the head of Nalvanthas to honor him. He gladly accepted and thanked the elf for his kindness. He could see that the Deva was torn on the notion of killing Dragons, as one of his long time friends happened to be a beneficent dragon. The king explained the two types of dragons in the world and that, for now, they would only need to hunt the malicious chromatic dragons; like the purple they had killed days before. With this knowledge, Talyn accepted, albeit cautiously and the crowd rejoiced at the announcement and ceremonial appointment of two, true-to-life Dragonslayers!

The celebration ended and the duo were given their first real assignment as Slayers; a dragon that had taken up residence outside of Wintershaven, near Glorfindel’s farmhouse and was causing widespread panic. Additionally, this dragon may have been responsible to the senseless killing of Glorfindel’s family… The men left immediately, riding their newly acquired ebony dragonflies to the identified location. As the men flew over the family farmhouse, they became quiet, praying silent prayers of remorse, comfort, and vengeance… Soon the possible killer would be brought to justice and if not, it would be but a stepping stone to the real culprit.

With the mountain opening in sight, the men prepared themselves for whatever lie ahead but it seemed their target had gained a literal drop on them and swooped in from above, catching them midair and forcing them to fight on their flies, as novice riders. The dragon however, was somewhat inexperienced fighting midair against intelligent targets as well and only managed to do minimal damage before the duo made it to the plateau, where an apparent entrance had been carved out (big enough for a dragon to squeeze through). The dragon unleashed a volley of attacks, coating Talyn in Icey cold breath and forcing all of his bolts to fly much slower. Glorfindel on the other hand, was overwhelmed with bloodlust and pulled off what can only be described as an epic maneuver; switching to his hookshot, he successfully latched onto the dragon, midair and launched himself 50 feet through the air onto the back of the beast. As he did this, Talyn broke his frozen state and launched volleys of bolts which tore through the rough scales of the creature. The dragon, confused and disoriented could do nothing but fly high into the air to try and shake his rider off and dodge incoming crossbow bolts but it seemed the elf had gone berserk and would not accept being taken for a joy ride… Glorfindel slammed his massive greatsword down into the back of the dragon sending it spiraling towards the ground. As it caught itself midair and regained flight, the elf fell like a meteor into the back of the dragon once more, sword first. Everything in the dragon said fall but its reptillian brain kept it airborn, despite the incredible pain it now felt. It rolled and rolled but could not shake the elves deathgrip until finally, on solid ground he flung himself onto his back and managed to break the hold that the elf had. The bloodied body of the dragon would become more of a problem for the duo as the adrenaline flowed giving power to the dragons breath. Blast after blast the men were buffetted by waves of icey cold and felt the pain as the dragon neared death. It would be Talyn that, through a continuous assault, ended up taking down the dragon – two bolts through the skull put the beast out of its misery for good! Two dragons had been killed and the men were living up to their newly bestowed titles. All that was left now was the loot inside the lair!

Sporadic Advent

With all nearby structures ablaze, the duo could only hope for a hastened evacuation. They did their best to find and save what survivors they could but the demonic forces were too many; the town was lost to the marauding tribe but Glorfindel and Talyn managed to aid nearly 50 survivors and accompanied them north to Winters Haven. As the duo probed for information, Mungus appeared once again informing them that he would take over from this point and that they would be of more use in Korallis, both for themselves and to the refugees of Meadowbrook. He managed to wrangle two horses for the duo and sent them off on their way while he stayed back and did what he could to assist his townsmen.

The duo made it to Korallis in two days time and immediately made their way to the King’s Castle. Inside, they were greeted by a Royal servant who seemed to deal with visitors and requests. As the men explained their plight, the servant interrupted and asked if they happen to be Glorfindel and Talyn. It seemed that news of their exploits had spread faster than their steeds could travel and the King, along with his castle, knew of the men. They nodded and were escorted into the presence of the King.

Inside the throne room was quite a sight to behold. Ornate tapestry lined the walls and the room itself was created from expensive stone. Posted only a few feet away from each other in two perfect rows were several Knights, ordained with Massive Polearms and heavy Plate mail armor. All the way at the other end of the room was a Throne, created from silver and gold, fitted with the symbol of Korallis on top. On this throne sat a man, an elderly man with a warm glow and a crown so stunning it could make the noblest of men succumb to greedy temptation… Borgadus Amicus “The Friend”, King of Korallis and High King of Malacia, sat expectantly waiting for the men to approach. As they did, they wisely kneeled before him and were immediately greeted by the King.

After pleasantries were exchanged, it seemed that the King already knew of Meadowbrook’s demise and had sent cavalry and knights to cleanse the town of the demonic invaders. He admitted that under normal circumstances, the men would not be allowed to walk into the royal throne room so easily but their skill and bravery coincidently would be a useful asset to Korallis at the time. The men were taken back into a fortified room where they met the General of all the Korallisian Knights, Abaro and the prince of Korallis, Joragus.

After another set of formalities were exchanged, the General took over and briefed the men on the status of Korallis and the current problem they had been discussing. It is well known amongst most people that deep below the world of light lies the Underdark a vast world spanning the globe, with cities and governances not unlike those of the surface world. Most people don’t worry about the underdark because the beings below never surface and the surface dwellers hardly ever venture down unless they are adventurers looking for trouble. The trouble facing Korallis has the potential to involve both the city and the underdark; an ankheg Hive mother has taken up residence below the city, midway between the underdark borders and the surface world. Normally this would not be cause for alarm but a group of Myconid’s have come to worship the Ankheg and are now actively expanding her lair which threatens to sink all of Korallis. The ultimate solution would be to kill the Ankheg and force out the myconids by any means necessary and unfortunately the King insists on not invoking panic among the citizens of Korallis by marching soldiers underneath their homes; instead a duo of skillful combatants could carry out the task and in turn not only be rewarded but gain favor with the King. The men agreed to help (only after asking the king to help with their own personal issues which he gladly obliged to) and were escorted once again by a few soldiers to the spot where the lair connects with the surface world, right inside the gates of Korallis…

As the duo proceeded, they ran into their first encounter with the strange mushroom men and were immediately attack. The forward patrols of these beings were no match for the Deva and Elf and were cut down in a flash. As they continued, strange puzzles blocked their way but through intelligent planning and careful moving, not even that could hold the men back from their task. The men entered yet another room and squared off with a strange medicine-man of the myconids. This proved to be more of a challenge but even with plant like regeneration and bonded health streams, the Myconids were no match for the heroes. It seemed that their encounter with the demon tribe had strengthened them more than they had thought and Talyn’s legendary weapon, Lucidity, served its purpose well in their fights. The men cleaned themselves off as they dropped their last opponent and steeled themselves for the challenges ahead…

Defending Meadowbrook

Meadowbrook would soon face a small army of demonic forces and it was in no way properly defended; Talyn was forced to move quickly and gather together any type of force he could find. Through chance encounter, he met an elven man named Glorfindel and recruited him to the cause. Glorfindel may have had ulterior motives for joining but he looked to be one of the most intimidating and skilled men in the entire town so his aid would go a long way.

The two set out around town as quickly as they could attempting to convince the citizens to take up arms and defend their homeland. They recruited most of the farmers and farmhands along with the towns mayor, Mungus, who through his own means enlisted the help of local stores and able bodied men. When the second day of the agreed upon five fell, Glorfindel and Talyn realized that an army within the Forest was swelling. It seemed that their deal would be broken and the demonic hordes would sack the town and try to take the orb within the hour.

The duo raced to the towns center to notify Mungus and were immediately given command of the forces of Meadowbrook. While initial plans largely conflicted, the team agreed to split forces around town, dedicating the majority to the front gates. As they sent their squadrons of make-shift soldiers out, they realized that the morale of their troops was dangerously low – The warrior elf shouted words of encouragement while athletically posing which inspired (and confused) the troops. Meadowbrook was ready and just in time!

The demons of the forest clashed head first with the men of Meadowbrook and to their surprise were held back on their initial push. As the battle continued, the chain demons who were orchestrating the attack commanded several groups to find a better way in from both the west and east. Talyn shouted commands and tried to lay down covering fire from a far while the newly enlisted ally, Glorfindel unleashed a hidden rage upon several foes. The ferocity of the wild elf put fear into the eyes of even the animal-like hellhounds and the savage Dretch. Through skill and luck, Glorfindel and Talyn survived the waves of demonic attackers but would have to face the toughest challenge yet: One of the Chained Demon Commanders. Growing tired of sending fodder into the fray, only to see them torn asunder by a rampaging elf, the commander of the tribe charged into battle. He first displayed his might by laying waste to an entire regiment of soldiers with one massive hell-chain attack. Then the focus turned to the main power behind the gates defense: Glorfindel.

Through a valiant exchange and a dance of steel from Glorfindel, the team disposed of the remaining demonic forces just as the Chained Commander locked its focus onto them. Talyn had been largely overwhelmed by the massive loss of life around him up until this point but through great willpower, steeled himself to destroy the hellspawn in front of him. With everything he had, he launched a volley of powerful darts at the chained demon, hitting vitals left and right. It was an incredible, miraculous attack! The Chain Demon was running out of options and knew his time was near- A last ditch attack, spewing chains everywhere; burning with the fires of hell! They connected and brought down Talyn and nearly finished off Glorfindel but as luck would have it, a sneaky Mayor determined to defend his town joined the battle at the last second and with surprising skill, slung heavy rock-bullets at the Chain demon finally bringing it down. The defense of the Gate was won but as the trio turned to face the town, things looked grim. Fires raged nearby and women and children were seen fleeing in terror only to be overtaken by swarms of hellhounds and imps. The team, persuaded by Mungus and loads of cash, decided to stay and attempt to save the town.

This was the beginning of…


Origin Stories: Talyn

As our tale begins, we meet our first hero; Talyn the Deva Artificer. Talyn, one of many hundreds of names he has gone by, is in his 29th year of one of his endlessly recycling lives. He has scattered memories of his past lives but no real chronology associated with them. In this life he has chosen to pursue the Artificer profession believing that by applying old memories with new ideas and his knowledge of the arcane, he will be able to create new and amazing things.

On his life-journey, he has settled down in a small, peaceful farming town called Meadowbrook. Here, he owns a quaint but somewhat run-down building that operates as both a home and a shop for his personal business. It is through this business that he comes into contact with a man named Liam.

Liam gives Talyn the job of retrieving a small orb that has been taken into the Forest of Shadows. He believes his accomplices were ambushed and their item stolen. He informs Talyn that delivering the orb is part of his initiation into the Drakes of Pernathia and although he is not readily able to retrieve it, he is allowed to deliver it (and protect it) through any means he deems appropriate. Weighing the options and considering the reward, Talyn agrees to retrieve the orb and discover the fate of Liam’s comrades.

Wandering into the Forest of Shadows, Talyn immediately encounters two Imp-like creatures wrestling in the trees. They immediately notice him and with an animal-like fury, charge to attack. After a quick exchange, Talyn dispatches one of the imps but unfortunately ends up quite injured. He perceives that the imp may understand common and tries to reason with it… Talyn learns that the imp, called Icknog, would be willing to team up with him if the orb was instead given to Icknog instead. Although it is an uneasy alliance the deal is struck and Talyn and Icknog decide to tend to their wounds (inflicted by each other) for the time being and head back to town to attempt to make a demonic disguise and talk with Liam about the complications.

With Icknog riding in Talyn’s backpack, the two arrive in town and commission a costume (early preparation for the Shifting festival) from the local tailor and a halfling named Tim who deals in facial prosthetics…

After putting in the order, Talyn locates Liam and brings him up to date but somehow, it seems that Liam already knows what has transpired and seems to be able to smell the scent of the hidden imp. All is revealed to Liam and he does his best to assist Talyn with the task at hand; claiming to now have advanced understanding of illusionary magic, Liam changes Talyn’s appearance and scent to that of a demonic Teifling. He also allows the use of his horse for quicker travel back to the forest but insists that the imp is killed as soon as possible.

Talyn and Icknog travel through the forest without interruption and eventually come to a cave entrance guarded by two more imps. They saunter in unharmed and engage in the difficult task of sneaking past the throngs of demon inhabitants. Icknog talks away any being that questions the teifling’s presence while Talyn has a harder time keeping up the demonic facade… When forced to eat fresh human remains, Talyns gags and throws up causing the small group of demon-feasters to suspect something amiss.. Thankfully Icknog roughs them up and brushes it off as part of a weak teifling stomache… The duo make there way down the cavern towards where they believe Nyat the Octoyugh demon leader and the orb reside but misfortune strikes again as Talyn is unable to convince Nyat’s personal guards that he is the authentic article. They are taken in for “an audience” with Nyat which quickly escalates into full blown combat…

Through many small miracles, Talyn and Icknog survive untill the last foe falls which allows for a surprise attack from Talyn to Icknog, quickly ending the life of the small imp.

Talyn finds the Orb within a secret compartment and realizes upon further examination that it has some latent power that is unlike anything he has ever seen in an item. As he stores the orb in his pack, he realizes walking out of this cavern is not going to be as easy as walking in. He takes a risk and jumps into a nearby underground waterway which leads him into a side room near the front of the cave. Talyn walks as convincingly as he can towards the cave opening, but is grunted at by a large shade demon which seems to be accusing him of something. Talyn has no understanding of the demonic tongue and tried to continue out of the cave but things seemed to rapidly decline as a horde of demons were massing behind him. Trying to think, it seemed like there was only one option at this point; hold out the orb and demand subservience! The demons stopped in their tracks but could only be held back for so long; although Talyn made it outside he was too far away from town to sprint and faced too many foes to stand and fight, it seemed negotiations were again the only solution.

After a few failed propositions with an impish translator, a horrible figure emerged from the ranks of Demons inside the cave: A chained and tortured humanoid figure walked out and faced Talyn; seemingly unafraid of both the Deva-in-disguise and the Orb. The terms of his deal were final and non-negotiable but it did give Talyn a way to freedom. It was said that in five days, the orb will be handed over and Meadowbrook will be attacked but Talyn may walk away from the tribe alive on this day. He will be forced to hand over the orb or die along with the rest of the inhabitants of Meadowbrook… Additionally, an impish spy will accompany Talyn at all times and has a magical scrying “alarm” cast on it to alert the Chained demon of any kind of betrayal on Talyn’s part (ie: Orb or Talyn leave town)

Talyn walked away from the tribe and the cave with a new, less helpful Imp watcher called Bleak…

Liam was informed of the situation and decided it would be best to come clean with Talyn: He was in fact one of the generals of the Drakes and was sent by his bonded dragon to awaken an old friend into action. The Steel Dragon Braca, closest friend to Talyn over thousands of years and several different lives once again demanded Talyn rise to his true potential. Liam also explained that the orb was in fact the very essence of Braca’s Breath, stolen and magically sealed away in an orb by a demon lord. As Talyn remembers more and more about his past lives and adventures with Braca, he deems it best that Liam ride to Braca’s last known location to try and acquire the aid of a dragon against the oncoming invasion… As Liam departs he suggests that Talyn find a few more capable combatants to assist in the defense of Meadowbrook; farmers and civilians will not be able to defend against a horde of demonic invaders but an organized group of adventurers with the aid of Braca and Liam have a good chance of turning away the swarm of impending doom.

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