Defending Meadowbrook

Meadowbrook would soon face a small army of demonic forces and it was in no way properly defended; Talyn was forced to move quickly and gather together any type of force he could find. Through chance encounter, he met an elven man named Glorfindel and recruited him to the cause. Glorfindel may have had ulterior motives for joining but he looked to be one of the most intimidating and skilled men in the entire town so his aid would go a long way.

The two set out around town as quickly as they could attempting to convince the citizens to take up arms and defend their homeland. They recruited most of the farmers and farmhands along with the towns mayor, Mungus, who through his own means enlisted the help of local stores and able bodied men. When the second day of the agreed upon five fell, Glorfindel and Talyn realized that an army within the Forest was swelling. It seemed that their deal would be broken and the demonic hordes would sack the town and try to take the orb within the hour.

The duo raced to the towns center to notify Mungus and were immediately given command of the forces of Meadowbrook. While initial plans largely conflicted, the team agreed to split forces around town, dedicating the majority to the front gates. As they sent their squadrons of make-shift soldiers out, they realized that the morale of their troops was dangerously low – The warrior elf shouted words of encouragement while athletically posing which inspired (and confused) the troops. Meadowbrook was ready and just in time!

The demons of the forest clashed head first with the men of Meadowbrook and to their surprise were held back on their initial push. As the battle continued, the chain demons who were orchestrating the attack commanded several groups to find a better way in from both the west and east. Talyn shouted commands and tried to lay down covering fire from a far while the newly enlisted ally, Glorfindel unleashed a hidden rage upon several foes. The ferocity of the wild elf put fear into the eyes of even the animal-like hellhounds and the savage Dretch. Through skill and luck, Glorfindel and Talyn survived the waves of demonic attackers but would have to face the toughest challenge yet: One of the Chained Demon Commanders. Growing tired of sending fodder into the fray, only to see them torn asunder by a rampaging elf, the commander of the tribe charged into battle. He first displayed his might by laying waste to an entire regiment of soldiers with one massive hell-chain attack. Then the focus turned to the main power behind the gates defense: Glorfindel.

Through a valiant exchange and a dance of steel from Glorfindel, the team disposed of the remaining demonic forces just as the Chained Commander locked its focus onto them. Talyn had been largely overwhelmed by the massive loss of life around him up until this point but through great willpower, steeled himself to destroy the hellspawn in front of him. With everything he had, he launched a volley of powerful darts at the chained demon, hitting vitals left and right. It was an incredible, miraculous attack! The Chain Demon was running out of options and knew his time was near- A last ditch attack, spewing chains everywhere; burning with the fires of hell! They connected and brought down Talyn and nearly finished off Glorfindel but as luck would have it, a sneaky Mayor determined to defend his town joined the battle at the last second and with surprising skill, slung heavy rock-bullets at the Chain demon finally bringing it down. The defense of the Gate was won but as the trio turned to face the town, things looked grim. Fires raged nearby and women and children were seen fleeing in terror only to be overtaken by swarms of hellhounds and imps. The team, persuaded by Mungus and loads of cash, decided to stay and attempt to save the town.

This was the beginning of…




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