Sporadic Advent

With all nearby structures ablaze, the duo could only hope for a hastened evacuation. They did their best to find and save what survivors they could but the demonic forces were too many; the town was lost to the marauding tribe but Glorfindel and Talyn managed to aid nearly 50 survivors and accompanied them north to Winters Haven. As the duo probed for information, Mungus appeared once again informing them that he would take over from this point and that they would be of more use in Korallis, both for themselves and to the refugees of Meadowbrook. He managed to wrangle two horses for the duo and sent them off on their way while he stayed back and did what he could to assist his townsmen.

The duo made it to Korallis in two days time and immediately made their way to the King’s Castle. Inside, they were greeted by a Royal servant who seemed to deal with visitors and requests. As the men explained their plight, the servant interrupted and asked if they happen to be Glorfindel and Talyn. It seemed that news of their exploits had spread faster than their steeds could travel and the King, along with his castle, knew of the men. They nodded and were escorted into the presence of the King.

Inside the throne room was quite a sight to behold. Ornate tapestry lined the walls and the room itself was created from expensive stone. Posted only a few feet away from each other in two perfect rows were several Knights, ordained with Massive Polearms and heavy Plate mail armor. All the way at the other end of the room was a Throne, created from silver and gold, fitted with the symbol of Korallis on top. On this throne sat a man, an elderly man with a warm glow and a crown so stunning it could make the noblest of men succumb to greedy temptation… Borgadus Amicus “The Friend”, King of Korallis and High King of Malacia, sat expectantly waiting for the men to approach. As they did, they wisely kneeled before him and were immediately greeted by the King.

After pleasantries were exchanged, it seemed that the King already knew of Meadowbrook’s demise and had sent cavalry and knights to cleanse the town of the demonic invaders. He admitted that under normal circumstances, the men would not be allowed to walk into the royal throne room so easily but their skill and bravery coincidently would be a useful asset to Korallis at the time. The men were taken back into a fortified room where they met the General of all the Korallisian Knights, Abaro and the prince of Korallis, Joragus.

After another set of formalities were exchanged, the General took over and briefed the men on the status of Korallis and the current problem they had been discussing. It is well known amongst most people that deep below the world of light lies the Underdark a vast world spanning the globe, with cities and governances not unlike those of the surface world. Most people don’t worry about the underdark because the beings below never surface and the surface dwellers hardly ever venture down unless they are adventurers looking for trouble. The trouble facing Korallis has the potential to involve both the city and the underdark; an ankheg Hive mother has taken up residence below the city, midway between the underdark borders and the surface world. Normally this would not be cause for alarm but a group of Myconid’s have come to worship the Ankheg and are now actively expanding her lair which threatens to sink all of Korallis. The ultimate solution would be to kill the Ankheg and force out the myconids by any means necessary and unfortunately the King insists on not invoking panic among the citizens of Korallis by marching soldiers underneath their homes; instead a duo of skillful combatants could carry out the task and in turn not only be rewarded but gain favor with the King. The men agreed to help (only after asking the king to help with their own personal issues which he gladly obliged to) and were escorted once again by a few soldiers to the spot where the lair connects with the surface world, right inside the gates of Korallis…

As the duo proceeded, they ran into their first encounter with the strange mushroom men and were immediately attack. The forward patrols of these beings were no match for the Deva and Elf and were cut down in a flash. As they continued, strange puzzles blocked their way but through intelligent planning and careful moving, not even that could hold the men back from their task. The men entered yet another room and squared off with a strange medicine-man of the myconids. This proved to be more of a challenge but even with plant like regeneration and bonded health streams, the Myconids were no match for the heroes. It seemed that their encounter with the demon tribe had strengthened them more than they had thought and Talyn’s legendary weapon, Lucidity, served its purpose well in their fights. The men cleaned themselves off as they dropped their last opponent and steeled themselves for the challenges ahead…



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