Deva Artificer Owns a small shop in meadowbrook where he repairs and augments mundane items for the local population Has many past lives as an adventurer Has ties to Braca from previous lives.

Single handedly retrieved the Breath of Braca from a tribe of Demons, killing their leader, Nyat the Octoyugh and slaying several others in the process. The demons, although not foolish enough to accept Talyn as their new leaders, made a deal to hold off on attacking meadowbrook for Five days while Talyn took care of his own personal business. He was not able to leave the city or remove the Orb from the premises without alerting the new leaders of the Demon Tribe.

Talyn is accompanied by a small imp named Bleek; a spy of sorts from the demon tribe to keep watch over their property and to make sure no one makes any drastic moves to stop the tribes attack.


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