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  • The Griffon's Beak

    One of the main attractions of Meadowbrook, "The Beak" serves as an Inn to wayward travellers and the local pub. The Beak is owned by [[:miriam | Miriam]] and [[:welchs | Welchs]] a dynamic business team that keeps the drinks flowing and the customers …

  • Mungus Ortel

    A stout halfling, Mungus became the Mayor of [[Meadowbrook]] over 20 years ago and has kept the town running smoothly ever since. He is a trusted figure among the residents but has little power in the greater political arena of Malacia.

  • Miriam

    The co-owner of the [[The Griffon's Beak]] alongside [[:Welchs]]. Miriam is an incredibly beautiful human woman in her mid twenties. She seems to have several suitors but no real interest in love; only business.

  • Welchs

    A gruff Goliath that single handedly built [[The Griffon's Beak]] and then partnered with the most attractive human in town. Welchs has no regard for his Goliath heritage and cares little for the troubles of others; he is solely interested in earning …

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