Continents of Tareloch

Tareloch consists of five main continents, each of which houses several different political and ruling groups; some organized (similar to the USA) with boundaries and laws and others constantly warring and competing over territory.

Malacia – One of the larger continents and home to the most organized and advanced kingdoms of the world

Rotahein – South west of Malacia, Rotahein is largely populated by thick jungles and life sustaining waterways.

The Northern Expanse – A harsh, frigid land where few travel and fewer dare to call home.

Gendai lies to the east, where nearly every kind of climate can be found within its borders. The inhabitants of Gendai vary greatly.

Khor – An unforgiving area where very few civilized beings have ever been succesful in establishing a home.

Notable, Nomadic places of Civilization:

The Fleet A unique civilization and culture, clustered and sailing around the world.

Tortuga One of the largest land beasts known to exist, it symbiotically exists with city on its back.

Goliath Tribes

Continents of Tareloch

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