Drakes of Pernathia

Pernathia had never been home to large armies or advanced technology, but they’ve always held an ace up their sleeve; The Drakes of Pernathia are a legendary group of elite soldiers whom bond with lesser drakes and even full, pure Dragons. The prospects undergo rigorous training and upon completion have to go through the bonding ritual. Not every bonding ritual is succesful; some trainees are rejected or fail to relate to their dragon while others are injured and even killed. Although the ritual can be harsh, the trainees that do find an ally in a dragon make a trusted friend for life and combine forces with some of the most powerful beings in existence.

Their are slight differences between those that bond with drakes and those that bond with dragons:

Drakes, although powerful, are no match for a full dragon and are always ranked below them. This does not lessen the skill of the Rider or the power of the bond between Drake and Rider, but the difference between Dragon and Drake is too great to ignore and it is the belief that when a Dragon chooses to become allies and bondskin with a ‘mere’ trainee, the individual is special and destined for great things. If the trainee lacks in skill or intellect it has been a repeated case that, over time and interaction with the dragon-kin, they become highly skilled warriors and scholars; as well as the most qualified tacticians and leaders. Although Dragons dislike being used as transportation, they come accept the weaknesses of their kinsmen and allow for them (and them alone) to ride. It should be noted that Drakes instantly allow for their bondsmen to ride them and enjoy serving as warmounts.

Putting it really simply: Drakes are mentally like horses and Dragons are mentally superior to most beings.

Drakes of Pernathia

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