Player Classes

Classes all play differently and uniquely but fall under one of four roles:

The Leader; An inspiring persona that keeps the party motivated and alive (Typically has access to the most Healing based powers of anyone in the group)

The Defender; the stalwart champion and toughest member of a group (In gamer terms this is the Tank…absorbs and deals tons of damage)

The Striker; an individual focused on dealing as much damage as possible, whether up close and personal or from great distances (DPS MACHINE)

The Controller; an individual who is capable of changing the battle to how he/she sees fit (The way they control is highly dependant on their power source!).

Assassin – Shadow Striker : Delivers killing strikes from the shadows

Artificer – Arcane Leader : Magitech leading the way

Avenger – Divine Striker: Divine Justice

Barbarian – Primal Striker: RAAAAAGE!!!

Bard – Arcane Leader : An Inspiring Song

Cleric – Divine Leader : Not your average priest

Druid – Primal Controller : Mother Nature wills it

Fighter – Martial Defender : Hold the line!

Invoker – Divine Controller : Faith can move mountains

Paladin – Divine Defender : Shield of Righteousness

Ranger – Martial Striker : The master hunter

Rogue – Martial Striker : Cutthroat? Pirate? Street Thug? Hero.

Runepriest – Divine Leader : Using Runes to form prayers of warding and destruction

Seeker – Primal Striker : Master Hunter, using primal forces to enhance their attacks.

Shaman – Primal Leader : let the spirits move you

Sorcerer – Arcane Striker : Innate power

Warden – Primal Defender : Solid as a rock

Warlock – Arcane Striker : Dangerous pacts lead to deadly results

Warlord – Martial Leader : Get back in formation!

Wizard – Arcane Controller : PHd in all things magical

Player Classes

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