The Old Gods

Io – The God of all Dragonkind. He is purely neutral, only caring for his children… It is said that Bahamut and Tiamat were created from different sides of Io’s personality after his death.

He Who Was – A Holy God of good and righteousness, said to be on par or above the likes of Io, he was apparently killed by his archangel and exarch, Asmodeus. Implied to be the creator of the the elemental chaos as well as all of the Primordials and Gods, and later humans, the devils wiped out all knowledge of his name, which they fear is powerful enough to revive him if it is ever spoken aloud again. The Nine Hells were originally his astral domain, now a prison for Asmodeus and his devils. Remnants of

Amoth – God of Justice and Mercy. Killed by the demon princes Orcus, Demogorgon and Rimmon.

Gorellik – God of Hunting, Beasts, and Gnolls. Killed by Yeenoghu.

Khala – Goddess of Winter, wife of Zehir, mother of Kord, Khala sought to trap the natural world in an eternal winter to secure power over it. Her plans convinced the primal spirits to expel gods and primordials from the world. She was killed by the other gods in a conflict called the War of Winter, who afterwards made a compact to balance darkness and light (Zehir and Pelor), and the natural seasons (Corellon, Pelor and Sehanine). Her power over winter was taken by the Raven Queen.

Lakal- God of Healing and Mercy who was also her own Astral Dominion. She was an impersonal deity who communicated with her chosen people, the Quom, though “ecstatic moments of personal communion.” She extolled mercy and urged her followers to dedicate themselves to pursuits that benefitted the whole cosmos. Lakal’s death was accidental- when Bahamut battled Nihil, the Primoridial of nothingness, the pair crashed into Lakal. Bahamut was able to use the distraction to slay Nihil, but the primoridal’s death throes also caused Lakal to explode. The surviving quom now roam the planes, retrieving any shards of Lakal that they can find, including those unknowingly consumed by living creatures. Such creatures, including humanoids and player characters, are considered collateral damage in the quom’s quest to restore Lakal. Ironically, even if the quom succeed in their quest, the restored Lakal would be disgusted with their methods.

Maglubiyet – God of Goblinoids. Defeated by Bane.

Nerull – God of Death and the Dead. Killed by The Raven Queen.

Tuern – God of War. Killed by Bane.

The Old Gods

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